The Missary “savoir faire”

Missary, a brand which symbolizes femininity, elegance and refinement.

Specialized in the creation of high end shirts & blouses, for many years,
Najat Missary, is the creative designer of the brand.

The Creation of Missary's high end shirts and Blouses is to feel and understand, the fabrics, the shapes, expressing a desire through its designs to create a perfect elegance for the modern day woman who will wear it.

At the same time, smart and daring, the women find themselves in a Missary Blouse, made of noble materials and comfortable creations with great quality fabrics: poplins, organdie, lycra and made of an always irreproachable completion.

It is in detail of a collar or a wrist which makes your Missary Blouse, a unique shirt of an extreme refinement.

Whatever is her style, her age, her size, any woman would love to have a Missary blouse in her wardrobe, it is a universal BASIC, timeless, to wear on all occasions, at the office as at night, to go to a cocktail or to the opera.
The Missary collections are also declined with pastel colors, subtle and delicate to give dynamism and glare to each style. © copyright 2011 | All rights reserved | Legacy policy